Ow, my ribs.

Fuck. I'm so pissed.
I think I may have a cracked rib.
It sucks to laugh, cry, cough and OMG don't even mention sneezing.
It doesn't totally suck to breath, only when I breath deep.
For the most part I'm just really uncomfortable.
I'm going to pre-ride tomorrow and see how I feel.

I'm going to bed now because I'm so irritated. I took some prescription pain relief to sleep. I'm hoping to be magically be better by morning.


Jay said...

That really sucks. I crashed 3 years at bmx and broke 3 ribs, bruised my lungs and displaced several off my back. It hurt so bad when I sneezed at work I fell to the floor and cried as my co workers laughed at me. The thing is I could not get out of bed without the help of Cece but I had Nate sneak my bmx bike out 2 days later and I raced. Cece was pissed and it hurt so bad but I felt so great after. Race I say.

Noel said...

I cracked a couple of ribs last year. Sneezing put me on my knees, couldn't sleep. Sucks.

spicyride said...

Jay you are a freak of nature. The amount of pain you can live with is just unnatural. It's amazing.
Noel I literally just sneezed about 5 minutes ago. I will do anything to not have to do that again. Holy Shit.