I can't even believe I'm saying this...

I have no desire to race Sunday. NONE. The weather is fucking fabulous and all the trails are MINT around here. I don't want to sit in a car. My ribs hurt. Climbing can suck it. I have lots more reasons as to why I don't want to race.

Right now I'd rather just stay home. I'd love to go on an epic mtb ride here, hang out with my kids and *gasp* watch the damn Bears' game.

ETA: I'm pre-registered which is a huge reason I feel obligated to go.
That and the majority of my friends will be there anyway, so my epic mtb ride wouldn't happen.


Angie said...

Ah-ha, that means you're going to totally kick ass. I've heard this from you before LOL


spicyride said...

AHAHAHAHA! I miss you.

The Klugs said...

I'd do an epic ride with you on Sun.(in your neck of the woods) if you decide not to race.

joeyTWOwheels said...

Daaaaaaaaaa Bears.