Since I got this:

I'm not sure what I'll do with this:

I love the Ferrous. It rails the singletrack like a dream. I'm not sure how the Superfly will compare. The Ferrous has a pretty short wheelbase whereas, when I see photos of the Superfly, not so much. Huh. I guess I can't make a decision until I finally get it built up and ride to compare. So now, I'm impatient.

What I do know is that I don't need both. A part of me is hoping to super dig the Superfly so I can sell the Ferrous for one of these:

Chromag Sakura. I'd build it up non-race, like ith some riser bars, etc. More of a super rad trail bike (or Ray's) with their Ranger stem and riser bars, and the Juniper saddle.
I need a place for my Industry 9 wheels; they'd go well on there I think.

John still hasn't started his Superfly. He, too, loved his Ferrous and is unsure of what the Superfly will bring. He'll find out sooner than I will fortunately.

Our trip to AZ is like 3 weeks away. Time flies.

I hope this is for real: