I don't even want to think about Sunday...

I left work about a half hour early to hopefully get a ride in.
Technically it was my last Kenpo work out and I sort of feel a bit, I don't know, bad for missing it seeing it was the last one, BUT IT WAS SUNNY AND IN THE 60s! No way I wasn't going for a ride!
It was only 45 minutes but it was oh so fun. It was so nice to be out there un-layered.
My feet still froze though. Drastic measures had to be taken when I got home so I could take a shower:

Kinda can't wait for John to build up his Superfly. It's driving me mad that all the parts are here and he hasn't started. I don't blame him necessarily, we haven't really had the time, but still. I need to see a new bike built dammit!

I'm hoping my gramma can watch Zoe for a bit tomorrow so I can take advantage of the weather.