I'll think of Sunday, but forget Saturday now...

Today was pretty uneventful.
I worked from home and snuck a 45 minute ride in after Liz picked up Zoe.
I just picked up Casey straight from my ride. I sort of felt dumb all spandex-ed out.
I shouldn't have, some of the things people will wear out in public amaze me, and I'm pretty chill.
John's bike is half built. Since we are short on wheels and brakes he hasn't parted out the Ferrous yet. Luckily there are brakes here to replace his XX, but no wheels.
I went to order rims today, but of course they are out of stock everywhere. Stan's site looks to have them in stock, so I'll look into getting the pro-form tomorrow.
Then getting all the hubs, spokes and rims to someone to build them all.
I may wait on my 190s though, but actually probably not. I really want the Crest rim because of its weight. I read somewhere that it wasn't as easy to set up tubeless and this turned me off. One of the reasons I ride Stan's (main reason being weight) is how easily they set up tubeless. It's a dream really compared to other rims. So I may just stick with the 355s. I'm really not that big of a weight weenie.
I need a fork for my Superfly as well. I almost wish the Bontrager rigids were available and then I could just take John's :). Someone did me a favor for his, so now I have to figure out how to get a 51mm for myself.
I guess it's good to have bike problems.

I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow. Holly's coming by SRAM to drop off her Rock Lobster so I can ride it on the gravel trails. We're going to lunch, should be fun.

Weekend will be a little bit of spring cleaning, gettig rid of clothes and hopefully a ride. Saturday looks to be out at this point, but now Sunday is looking okay.