I dislike DST... at first

I wanted to make a point to get out of bed this morning at 7am (really 6am). I was awake, like my internal alarm woke me up exactly at that time, but my bed was too warm and cozy. I had nothing going on, no kids harassing me for breakfast and John left on a road ride, so I stayed in bed. Then... I didn't wake up til after 9am! Ugh.
I felt like the whole morning disappeared.
I dressed and walked downstairs and preheated the over for cinnamon rolls. The oven dinged letting me know it was ready but when I went into the fridge, NO CINNAMON ROLLS. Total bummer. I was too lazy to make pancakes so I just had a bowl of cereal. Talk about a let down.
I didn't feel well at all today so was pretty stoked when I actually did finish my scheduled workout (that was actually yesterday's). I even killed the ab workout, my best to date actually. I only missed about 8 moves. I planned to do some yoga tonight, but it just wasn't happening; I was too tired.
I was hoping to have some pics of John's bike done, but we didn't even get to it this weekend. He plans on tackling it tomorrow; I think his saddle will be in anyway so he'll have everything.
Essentially all I really wanted to do today was this:

Back to work tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it. At least it'll be super quiet with everyone being in Taiwan.