Lots of bike shit to do.
John's frame is here AND all the parts to hang on it, well, except for a saddle, that comes Monday.
My Eriksen is done. Superfly will be a bit. I have nothing to build it up with and our bank account is like NOOOOOOO!!!!!
So many things I want to get. Wheels are an issue. I need to buy rims to get shit done.
I hate buying rims; it's like a boring purchase. 3 wheelsets to REbuild and 1 to build new. The ones that need to be rebuilt are annoying; all three wheels were practically brand new when stupid shit happened that requires rebuilds. Meh.
I need to make a list. I love lists actually.
I started typing this entry at 9:42 this morning... I planned to get some pics of John's frame and some other parts but never got around to it.
There was a ride starting at the I&M trail today. I hemmed and hawed about going. Last minute I decided to go. 45 degrees and raining. I was prepared.
Wool jersey, wool knickers, wool tall snowboard socks, arm warmers and my new cutter jacket I scored on Bonktown. It was perfect gear for the day.
Towards the end of the 26 miles my feet were sloshy and my feet and hands were starting to get cold. I think I was cold more from waiting for Ryan, who bonked, rather than from what I was wearing.
Anyway, I guess what I like about the past two rides in the rain is that I remembered that as long as you are prepared it isn't so bad.
I missed my other workouts today. I have less than 2 weeks left in the program I've been doing... because of the weather and being back on the bike it may just be the hardest two weeks of them all.
The Goat and his fam traveled down from Wisco to hang out and pick up Gage's new bike.
It was nice to hang out as usual.
I'm not sure what tomorrow brings yet... I need to catch up on my workouts so I don't feel bad about it and I really want some cinnamon rolls. Riding is also of course a possibility. I'll be sure to get some pics too of John's good stuff.