I do this every year...

I remembered one of the links I wanted to post.
Brown County Sub-9 Super D
. I so want to do this. Unfortunately it conflicts with the Border Battle, one of my favorite WORS courses. I lean towards the Super D only because it's a lot shorter of a drive and it looks like it's going to be a festival type weekend.
But who knows. I need to decide soon though as I see that filling up quite fast.
I have such mixed feelings about doing just WORS races. On one hand WORS is a lot of fun, we have a bunch of friends that we see every other weekend. But on the other hand I'd like to start riding different places again. As much as I love a lot of the WORS courses, I've ridden them over and over again. I miss riding different trails, and since there aren't many non-WORS weekends we don't travel to ride different places either. I miss that.
There are a lot of races to choose from this year in IL, IN and WI. MI too.
The new NIMBA series. I love racing Imagination Glen. But that race conflicts with Wausau24. We'll have to pick what we want to do that weekend. There is also the new IL Homegrown MTB Series. Lots of great places to ride on that schedule as well. Then there is DINO, which has a stop at Brown County, and MMBA, which has Ft. Custer (RAD course)- and of course conflicts with Iola.
This isn't even factoring in the one day races like the Cooper Harbor Fat Tire Festival- which I'd like to do this year.
So much to choose from and not enough weekends.
I also don't want to just race. I want to ride too. Brown County and Levis Trow are the destinations I'm looking forward to.

We'll see. It's still early. I have all these grand plans and then just turn into a sheep and do WORS.


claire said...

The plan for NC tomorrow was to leave very early this morning and ride when we got down there... but... it looks like it might rain. So, instead, we're stopping on the way in Brown County tomorrow to ride some trails. They just posted this evening that about half are ride-worthy today and tomorrow.

I will report back and probably be doubly stoked to go there with you - Abby and I were just talking about it. ^_^

spicyride said...

What's up with all the rain in NC? Is it always like that?
That's awesome; I know a few people who have ridden there already. Have fun!

Sondra said...

Or a trip out West? Love feling your enthusiasm.

Sara said...

i love that there is an IL homegrown series!!!!

T mon T said...

always a tough choice, spicy. personally, i think the element that gets taken for granted in WORs is this: for whatever reason, they seem to MATTER. people get ecited for them. there are controversies, and rivalries ( both friendly and otherwise ). people get mad over stuff. the one thing there is NOT is ambivalence. . . . that feeling of doing a race, and feeling as if you may as well have just ridden with some buddies for more or less the same overall end result. not sayin one is better, or one is worse - but it's something WORS racing does not get enuf credit for, in my experience. not surprisingly, i reject the "sheep" theory

spicyride said...

I love WORS. I love sheep (did you see my one blog entry?), and perhaps it was a bad analogy because you completely missed my point. WORS is the fucking cat's pajamas.
My point was that there is so much good stuff out there and just not enough weekends to do it all. I choose WORS because it is so great. I choose to hang with my fellow friends. What I miss is riding different places; racing different series gives you the chance to do so, just as WORS has done for me.
So, WORS only flaw is that there are too many races ;). Since most people choose to do WORS they miss out on experiencing other trails to ride because it does fill up your summer.
Variety can be the spice of life. How do they know what they're missing if they've never done anything else?
My sheep comment was in no way meant to be negative; the only negative that perhaps I could see coming from it is that I'm bitter that all my friends are hooked on WORS and I have nobody to travel to these places with.

T mon T said...

cool. you might be right about the too many thing. and, i shall retract my sheep comment. as you may know, indeed i have several of the rascals tattooed upon my person. :)

T mon T said...

oh, and ya know - our strategy has long been to hit the early ones, and the late ones - do whatever we like in summer, and not worry about the series points. works for us.

spicyride said...

I never worry about series points. Not sure why I get a plate every year; I think I did enough races once to actually qualify for points.