Swallow Cliff

I rode singletrack today.
Tom and I headed out to Swallow Cliffs from our houses, we met up on the paved path and took that plus the road out to the multi-track.
The multi-track was in great shape, only a couple of watery spots to keep it interesting. So of course, being out there, and Tom never have ridden the single track there, we of course went to check it out.
The singletrack had some good, some bad and some OMG, but all ride-able.
The first section we rode was practically mint. It actually all went downhill from there conditions wise, but we were still able to ride everything. Seemed weird to be off-road.
If it wasn't supposed to rain I'd be there tomorrow too, or the Mesa. Looks like it might be a wet paved path ride. But whatever, I'll be on my bike. I hope.


Jay said...


Tom K said...

thanks for getting me out there. i've always known singletrack was out there, but never ventured around to find it.

spicyride said...

Dude. Anytime. For real.
We should do it more often.