Since Monday...

I’ve been feeling sort of bad since Monday. It started with a painful sore throat.
It still hurt Wednesday morning but as the day went on it felt better. Mostly scratchy.
During the day I seemed to be having stomach issues too. I won’t go into details but just queasy, but not awful.
Wednesday after my ride I felt like complete shit. Almost moany groany tired and awful.
I still, on Friday, I have a sore throat and my voice seems to be in and out. It’s just dry and scratchy. I also still have stomach issues. Gas, have the sensation of feeling hungry even though I’m not and just noisy.

I don’t want to complain and say figures as Iola is Sunday. I’ve been pretty lucky as far as being sick goes this year. And even though I don’t feel great, I know I could feel a lot worse.

I’m hoping it’s just a virus and it will finish running its course any minute now… Please?


The Shed Master said...

can't help ya - I'm sick too.

You'll just have to go to Iola and give it your best!

atika said...

get well soon..c a doc

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devin said...

hey hope that you are ok... Your hubby was moving ... See ya both again..

spicyride said...

Thanks Devin. Antibiotics and pain killer from the doc today. Hopefully I'll feel better in the next day or so. John did most excellent! It was a beautiful day. Thanks for the cheering. Will you be at more WORS races?