more frame talk...

So to get my mind off of waiting for the Form (which reminds me, I have to finish getting my measurements), I've been looking at full suspension bikes.
I'm not big on full suspension for cross country riding 'round here, but they can be fun. My reason for really wanting one is, well, let's be honest, it's another bike to geek over, but a couple Super D's on my tentative schedule have me really thinking on what I'd want.
I've been looking at the Yeti forever. I've always had a soft spot for them since Missy Giove's days. The A.R.C. was so pretty. I can't imagine riding one now... That rear triangle screams ouch to my back. But their full suspension bikes, yum.

I love the ASR-5 and just recently fell in love with the ASR-5 carbon. Yeti is one of my customers at work, so the deal I'd get is a steal. HOWEVER, their sizing is wonky for me. Like WTF- the XS has a 15.8" seattube with a 21.6 toptube, which is essentially my Eriksen- but the Yeti has a 68° headtube. Ugh. So the small jumps to a 18.5"! seattube and 22.6" toptube. Um, I'd have like 2" of post. So I'm not going to take a chance on either size and nobody has a demo. So I'm looking elsewhere.

Elsewhere brought me to the Ibis Mojo. I have a love/hate relationship with that frame. The only thing I can't get by on the Mojo is the cable routing on top of the toptube. Ugh. The only other way they could've routed it is under the downtube and I don't like that much either. On top at least it won't get muddy, and I usually don't sacrifice function over aesthetics and downtubes in my experience get pretty darn muddy.

Now, what color?

And since this wouldn't be a blog post without me complaining about the weather, WTF Mother Nature? At least we aren't getting snow like some of our friends up in Wisconsin.

Mom's day picnic today. Errands. Blah.


The Shed Master said...

gonna get your MoJo workin'?