New frame... again

Keeping in touch with Zach and Sara since they've left, Zach has gone on about Daryl from Form. Forwarded me pics of his frames and just spoke of him as a friend in general. I had the fortune of meeting and riding with Daryl while on vacation. While we were out there, that Saturday, we spent the day essentially in Daryl's front yard- the Sedona trails.
He was riding a ti 29er that was pretty pimped out. Super clean and just beautiful, and you all know how picky I am about aesthetics.

At this point I was still on the fence about getting a custom 29er built up because I had maybe a ride or two on the Superfly. The Superfly was/is my experiment into a lightweight 29er, do I want to race one or do I just want it as a fun bike? Seeing his bike was definitely leaning me towards- yes you want a ti 29er (duh).
After getting some time on the Superfly, as much as I dislike the geometry, I climb well, it's fast and just plain fun. I love my 26" bike still, but there is just something about a 29er that is fun; I can't explain it really.
As mentioned before I've had issues with the Superfly steering and handling in general. I know I'd eventually adapt to that, but what I probably won't adapt to is the carbon. Carbon is sick light, but it feels dead. I'm not sure if I can explain it, but a ti or steel bike just feels alive; it's forgiving, yet stiff. I've been spoiled. It was pretty much a no-brainer that I would get a custom ti 29er and I've contacted Daryl at Form to do it.
So I dug the handling of the Ferrous, the climbing of the Superfly and the feel of my Eriksen- the Form will have it all, not to mention a killer headtube badge.
Some people say that mountain bikes don't have to be custom... most people who say this have never had a bike built just for them.

Anyway, it's going to be sick!


Sara said...

:) :) :)

I'd be happy to test ride it for you when he has it ready.

ps..at least I'm reading something...

spicyride said...

as long as Zach isn't in charge of cutting the steerer. If I had known you were ditching out on your nursing studies I'd have made this post more interesting. Or added pics or something. But as it is, I'm avoiding work right now anyway, my inbox is nightmare-ish... eating fig newtons and internetting is the shit.

Sara said...

I won't let Zach touch her!

We are addicted to fig newtons and vanilla wafers now thank you very much!

devin said...

ditch the plastic and get something that fits and rides like a dream..

The Shed Master said...

Just make sure you get it for my dimensions. That way when i know you off it and keep it for myself it'll fit.

Carpet Fibre frames are for poseurs!

ZMoney said...

I was going to see if Daryl and Sam would teach me how to weld and maybe I could learn on your bike.