It's only been

a whole 6 days without rain.
Of course today we get hammered which has now put riding plans for tomorrow on possible hold.
I'm pissed. I was really looking forward to riding with Zach and Sara.

I suppose it has to rain at some point, droughts aren't fun either. But I would've liked at least one more day. One, I'd get to ride tomorrow and two, Palos would've had another day to recover from those two months.

I haven't given up hope though. Fingers are crossed.

It's going to be a rough week at home and work.
Money is super tight; I have a short week at work; we're leaving for eau claire, to MN to Eagle River in a few days. Lots and lots of driving. I hope it's all worth it.


devin said...


I hope it is worth it have not been riding as much dirt as I would like..