Where to begin? Maybe in reverse.

I feel like I've been gone forever and it hasn't even been a full week.
We just got back from Eagle River a couple hours ago. The drive was long and tested our patience big time.
Eagle River was nice. Totally relaxing. We made it there on Tuesday early evening. Just in time for dinner. It was a beautiful night. It was great to see the girls.
Wednesday turned into a big storm fest. I didn't mind really... it was good to just relax in the cabin and do absolutely NOTHING. I also see no point in being upset for the whole day when there's nothing you can do about it (hypocrite).
Thursday was just beautiful. We tubed the whole day away. You can see on my chest where I missed putting the fucking sunscreen- OW!
Friday came way too quick. We pretty much just packed up for our torturous drive home. Ugh.
Prior to Eagle River John and I stayed up at Brent's in Minneapolis. We've been planning on doing this for over a year but it never seemed to work out well. This time it was perfect. My kids were with my family in Eagle River already so we headed over from Eau Claire.
We rode Lebanon Hills on Monday and Murphy on Tuesday morning. Both awesome trails. I have to give Leb more props though. It just suited my riding preferences more. It just flowed so well. I felt like I was going downhill most of the time, yet I barely remember climbing? I also love rock gardens and log crossings. It was just a little more technical than Murphy.
Thanks again to Brent for letting us hang out at his house and being tour guide on the trails. If he's up for it, I'm totally game for same plan next year.
Which brings me to WORS #6. I can't believe WORS is half way over! WOW, time flies.
Eau Claire is one of the courses I really enjoy. If it weren't for that field section it'd be top 2-3 for sure. I hate that field. I suck in it... and it's not so much that I suck, but in Elite there are soooo many girls so fit and fast that makes it more dreadful.
Anyway, my starts suck ass. I just can't pull off the effort at all. The only good thing about it is it appeared that by the time we got to the rock garden switchback, the back up wasn't too bad.
Sunday was one of those races where I actually felt like I was racing. Not many comp issues (except, why the fuck would you pass on the inside of a turn that went into open? WTF?! settle down and think) and I went back and forth with some gals. I love racing with Brenda, she always reminds me that this is supposed to be fun. I spent time with Lindsey and MK off the top of my head.... Christine, Sara, Patti, Heidi... everyone shouting words of encouragement. This is why I love racing WORS.
On the last lap I caught up to Patti. I wanted to pass her in the singletrack but I just wasn't powerful enough to do so. And it was sort of intimidating, IDK why. So I just stayed on her wheel until we hit the rock garden at the end. She dismounted and I rode. I was so nervous. It was so fun to be with someone so near the finish. Those rocks sort of toss you where they want to and at the exit I always wanted to stay a bit right, but would get kicked to the left. And being so tired I thought I'd poop out. I don't know what happened after that. I kept waiting for her to pass me but she never did. I don't know if she gave it to me or what. But whatever happened I'll admit to being happy for being rewarded for riding that section and then coming out ahead.
I'm not one to usually like a picture of myself, but I do like this one that Brittany took.

I'm dirty, dehydrated, I know I'm focused, I didn't notice my sleeve fell, I'm hovering over the saddle, my arms are tense because I was holding onto my bars fairly tight- just looking at it I can totally remember riding through there and how the bike moved under me. It's funny, I always get nervous before a race riding through a "crowd section", but when racing, I don't even hear them really.

See y'all at Alterra.


Sondra said...

Didn't realize you first passed Patti in that final rock garden. Awesome and you said it, great reward.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic. Sounds like you had fun. :-)

Anonymous said...

That sounds so awesome dude! I always feel so much more motivated when I know there's someone else really close - way to stick with it and drill it home! I rode thru that section for fun last year on my pre-ride with Amelia and I REALLY wanted to attack it for real this year. But alas, life had other things in mind for me (things that don't involve bikes).

D A N O said...

I was in Eagle River the same time you were.
Funny, didnt see you.
But then again I was gone ridng most of the time, exept for Wednesday as you know.....