Pretty rad eh?

Finally. My FORM bitches!
John and I knocked it out a few hours ago. He did most of the work, and by most I mean all. I just did like rotors, tires, cages, etc.
I still have, well John still has a few things to do like cut the steerer (I was playing it safe), move my triggers (they are totally in the wrong spots, wtf?) and probably just some minor things here and there, rotate bar, levers, etc.

I'm stoked. I don't even know how to explain how awesome this bike is. Seatmast, zero stack, custom gusset, internal cable routing... sigh. I hope I can do this thing proud.

I'd like to get someone to get some good pics of this. Tonight when I went out there the camera immediately fogged (hello 78 degree dewpoint) and there was a fucking skunk. I feel like I still smell like the skunk. Made my nostrils burn.


Snacks said...

Looking hot! That's how I like to build my bikes, aka have them built by my significant other.

devin said...

Bad ass girl.... That looks like it is going to go fast....Stay Dry..

Dan said...

did your bike just unrinate?