late night

i got home late tonight due to lame rain. once i made dinner, ate, cleaned up, etc. i had no motivation to get out and ride. sore hammies played a small part.
john and i will get out tomorrow together for hopefully a dry ride.
my dtswiss 190/stans wheels are done. i just need to get to the shop and grab them. maybe i'll put some medusas on them... be ready for anything at mt. morris.
i also got a sweet sweet hookup from a couple of friends up in wisco. thanks to marty and russell i'll be able to get moving on my ferrous (i may win bubba). maybe i'll even have it built for the weekend, but that's cutting it real close.


Christine said...

More like Medusa's and a garden hose:) I actually bought a pair of Medusa's last year that I have yet to use. This will be a good chance to test them out.

amelia said...

i'm sad the medusas don't come in a 29er. i love those tires for mud. hopefully it won't come to that this weekend.

and exciting about the ferrous. i can't wait to see it built up!

spicyride said...

i can't wait to build it up! i only need one thing... a fork lower. and they aren't shipping yet.